Apr 15

Dali Cats


Jan 13

A couple iPhone photos…

Poppy Loving Bees

Dark Clouds and SunlitTrees

Dec 12

A Whale of a Photo…

This is one very amazing photo…

Click on it for full size.

Nov 12


These little guys just fascinate me…

They’re very protective of their food supply. They’ll chase other birds away if they get too close. This one perches on a branch ten feet away and stands guard against all threats to its feeder.

Click on the animation for a larger look.

Nov 12

Jurrasic Fart

I’m sorry… but this just totally brought the Junior High kid out of me. It made me laugh…

Aug 12

Moon and Crows

Moon and Crows, originally uploaded by James Milstid, aka PapaJames.

Every evening at sunset, several flocks of hundreds of crows fly by my house on their way to their evening roost.

The five in this photo were in a murder of about 50 or so. I know where they’re headed. I want to go there in the next few evenings and catch photos of them.

250mm handheld… had to hurry!

Jun 12

Ravens are cool… and intellegent

Check this out!

Jun 12

Seven Turrets

These Turret shells are from the Turretella genus of sea snails that prefers living on muddy or sandy bottoms.

I believe that they were used as a sort of currency in ancient times.

Jun 12


Jan 12

Of course I’m a hummingbird… duh!

This guy was trying his best to get to the sugar water… he sat and watched the hummingbirds, then came over to try it himself.