Sep 10

317 of 365: La Paloma – The Dove


Rather than coming home from work one day, you somehow find yourself and 32 others trapped in a cavern 2300 feet below the surface of the earth. No communication with the outside world. No amenities. Two or three day supply of food. Hot and humid. No idea if or when rescue will come. Oh, and virtual darkness.

Fortunately, the trapped Chilean miners now have communication and a method of receiving much needed food and supplies. It is known as La Paloma (The Dove) and is a 3.19” tube about 5.25’ long. It takes an hour to lower La Paloma through the 2300 foot long six-inch shaft and the trapped miners depend on it for their lives and welfare.

For some perspective, a clothes dryer vent is about 4”. Imagine if everything you needed to survive had to fit through your dryer vent hole. Multiply that by 33 people and several months in an enclosed space.

Today, September 18, is Chile’s Independence Day. The miners will celebrate with wine, cigarettes, and a 50” TV projection on the bare rock wall from a tiny projector and a fiber-optic link to the surface. No doubt there will be special treats and national coverage. The Chilean news is dominated by the miners’ plight. The trapped miners have it much better today than they did on August 2, 2010, when they became trapped.

But… the fact remains that they are still trapped. La Paloma, their lifeline, is their only supply line with the outside world. Everything that thirty-three men need to survive, physically and emotionally, for the next two or three months must fit into La Paloma. The integrity of the six-inch shaft and La Paloma are so vital to the men’s survival, they have assigned a crew to monitor it.

Today’s photo is a 3” PVC tube cut to 5’3”, the approximate size of La Paloma. There are also a few items for reference. Most won’t fit.

For more info, I encourage you to look at this Newsweek article…
(Thanks to Nan for pointing out the Newsweek article)


Kent, WA
September 18, 2010

Sep 10

306 of 365: Downtown Stroll

306 of 365: Downtown Stroll, originally uploaded by James Milstid.

I shot this one through the windshield as I was waiting for the light to change. I wonder if she knew that she wasn’t walking alone.
Auburn, WA

September 7, 2010

Sep 10

304 of 365: Streetlight

304 of 365: Streetlight, originally uploaded by James Milstid.

My theme was ‘urban’ today. This was shot in downtown Kent, WA., which is a small town south of Seattle. Kent is surrounded by farms and a bit of industry.

So does that make it ‘rural-urban’… ‘ruban’… ‘urbal’?


Kent, WA
September 5, 2010

Sep 10

Street Photography

Very well done video of street photography in Miami…


Sep 10

303 of 365: Quartz

303 of 365: Quartz, originally uploaded by James Milstid.

Must be a good one… it’s Quartz!

Kent, WA
September 4, 2010

Sep 10

302 of 365: Cinnamon Basil

302 of 365: CinnamonBasil, originally uploaded by James Milstid.

While it is starting to bolt, this cinnamon basil still has a lot of green below the flowers. It contains the same chemical that gives regular cinnamon it’s scent and flavor.
It has an amazing flavor and is used in middle eastern dishes. Or even a natural bath oil.
Kent, WA
September 3, 2010

Sep 10

301 of 365: Asters

301 of 365: Asters, originally uploaded by James Milstid.

Purple, purple, purple! These pretty little asters are looking pretty happy after the rain yesterday and the sun today.
Kent, WA
September 2, 2010

Sep 10

300 of 365: Orange Branches

300 of 365: Orange Branches, originally uploaded by James Milstid.

The filtered afternoon sun hit these branches just as I was putting my camera away. This is the last photo I took today…
Covington, WA
September 1, 2010