Jan 12

Of course I’m a hummingbird… duh!

This guy was trying his best to get to the sugar water… he sat and watched the hummingbirds, then came over to try it himself.

Nov 11

One Very Happy Owl

This short video is so cute it’s no wonder it went viral in the Internet…

I’m just doing my part to make it even more viral…

Nov 11

Move Along, Nothing to See Here – Project Flickr: Garbage

This was a tough topic to make somewhat artistic!

The crow was looking for tidbits near the garbage can. Nothing exciting today, so he’s moving along.

Oct 11

Real-Life Angry Birds

Artist Mohamed Raoof has a passion for the very popular game Angry Birds. So much so that he took the time to do a little touch-up on photos of real birds, making them appear as real-life Angry Birds!

How cool is that?

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