Feb 12

Dimples – Project Flickr: 9/52 Patterns

Dimples on a golf ball serve to actually create less drag as it flies through the air, giving more distance. Most golf balls today have 250-450 dimples. There are no regulations about how many, the pattern, or even the depth and shape of the dimples.

Golf balls didn’t always have dimples. It was discovered by early golfers that their drives went further after they got nicked and scored during regular play.

Patented in 1905, it wasn’t until 1930 that dimpled golf balls became de rigueur in the game.

Feb 12

I want to be here…

Neal's Yard Salad Bar - Covent, England - Photo by Yaser Edessa

Feb 12

Dated, but still a gem…

Feb 12

Arrrrgh… Flickr down!

Here’s the scoop from the Flickr blog:

February 23, 2012
Time for a massage
1:43 pm PST: We’re having a small hardware hiccup and some servers need to get a gentle massage by our knowledgeable engineers. Apologies for the disruption, we’ll keep you posted in this space and it will hopefully not take long. Thanks for your patience.

2:06 pm PST: The servers are still not comfortable, but we’re getting closer to finding the source of the lumbago. We’ll keep you updated right here, as soon as we know more.

2:14 pm PST: Our chiropractors have found the spot and are applying gentle pressure right now. If all goes well, we should be back shortly.

2:45 pm PST: Looks already better, but word is the massage session might still take a smidgen longer. We appreachiate your patience.

Posted by Kay Kremerskothen

Feb 12

Water pipe woes


Had a bit of excitement yesterday. The main water pipe leading into the house broke sending a 20 foot geyser into the air. I had some trouble turning the water off as the valve is right next to the break. Talk about a face full of water. I got thoroughly soaked from head to toe.

Roger, the park maintenance guy got there just as I finally got the water turned off. He didn’t even get wet! But he did get it fixed right away.

Turns out that all the underground water lines are PVC and coupled to copper when they come out of the ground. The coupling is the weak point in the system and that’s where it broke.

See the “water pipe” ground wires attached to the riser? I’m thinking that they are not quite up to code. The PVC is just a few inches below and is not conductive. Hmmmm

Feb 12

New Rules: Bill Maher on GOP Racism Toward Obama

Feb 12

Starry Night – Interactive Animation

When today’s technology is used to “improve” masterfully created artwork from the past, the results are normally disastrous. The old form of manual creativity flowing from mind to eye to brush to canvas is an intimate engagement that yields results no computer could ever duplicate even in the hands of the most skilled graphic designers.

There are exceptions.

Greek artist Petros Vrellis took the iconic panting of the night sky over Saint-Rémy in France and applied a combination of creativity, interactivity, and subtle enhancements to bring the painting to life in ways we’ve never witnessed before. Using openFrameworks, an open source C++ toolkit for creative coding, Vrellis takes one of the most famous interpretations of movement and flow ever created and allows it to realize the extent of its motion.

Instead of desecrating the masterpiece, it is brought to life.

Feb 12

Hmmmm… it just may work

Feb 12

Sunshine in a Jar

I started a couple quart jars of Preserved Lemons today. Used primarily in Moroccan cooking, but they also find their way into any food that is enhanced with lemon… which in my opinion is pretty much everything!

Made from fresh lemons, lots of salt (I used Kosher salt), and lemon juice, they’ll be ready to eat in about a month. I’ll turn them over every few days. Can’t wait to try them!

Google Preserved Lemons for all you ever wanted to know about them.

Thank you Nan for suggesting Preserved Lemons!

Feb 12

Oranges, Oranges, Oranges…