Mar 15

Morning Coffee Sounds

Buddha Sounds… One of my favorite downtempo groups.

Feb 12

Von Johin at The French Quarter in Second Life

Von Johin is one of my long-time favorite artists. He’s had a successful career in the music industry, but now chooses to play only in Second Life.

Major and his best girl, Harris, attended this fan-appreciation concert on February 4, 2012. And what a concert it was! A three-hour marathon, Von played and sang his heart out. Many of the songs I’d never heard him sing before. Much to his fans’ delight, he seldom adheres to the normal one hour time slot and this was no exception!

You can friend Von on Facebook… http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1493545055

These vids were from the live fan-appreciation concert… just crank up your speakers and enjoy!

Watch live streaming video from vonjohin at livestream.com

Watch live streaming video from vonjohin at livestream.com

Jan 12

Just feeling nostalgic…

From Woodstock 1969… one of my favorite live performances

Dec 11


I woke up this morning with this song stuck in my head…

Bimbo, Bimbo, where ya gonna go-e-o… Bimbo, Bimbo, whatcha gonna do-e-o?

What a blast from the past… 1956.

Fifty-five years ago and I still remembered most of the lyrics!

The term “bimbo” took on a whole new meaning in later years, but Bimbo, the wide-eyed little boy in the song, was loved by millions in 1956.

I wonder how many more old songs are rattling around in my sub-conscious mind.  I love it when they come out of hiding!  What memories!

Jim Reeves

Bimbo, Bimbo, where ya gonna go-e-o
Bimbo, Bimbo, whatcha gonna do-e-o
Bimbo, Bimbo, does your mommy know
That you’re goin’ down the road to see a little girleo.

Bimbo is a little boy who’s got a million friends,
And every time he passes by, they all invite him in.
He’ll clap his hands and sing and dance, and talk his baby talk,
With a hole in his pants and his knees a-stickin’ out,
he’s just big enough to walk.

Bimbo, Bimbo, where ya gonna go-e-o
Bimbo, Bimbo, whatcha gonna do-e-o
Bimbo, Bimbo, does your mommy know
That you’re goin’ down the road to see a little girleo.

Bimbo’s got two big blue eyes that light up like a star,
And the way to light them up is to buy him candy bars.
Crackerjacks and bubblegum will start his day off right,
All the girlies follow him just a-beggin’ him for a bite.

Bimbo, Bimbo, candy on your face-e-o,
Bimbo, Bimbo, chewin’ on your gum-e-o.
Bimbo, Bimbo, when you gonna grow
Everybody loves you, little baby Bimbo.

You never catch him sittin’ still, he’s just the rovin’ kind,
Altho’ he’s just a little boy, he’s got a grown-up mind.
He’s always got a shaggy dog a-pullin’ at his clothes,
And everybody calls to him as down the street he goes.

Bimbo, Bimbo, where ya gonna go-e-o
Bimbo, Bimbo, whatcha gonna do-e-o
Bimbo, Bimbo, does your mommy know
That you’re goin’ down the road to see a little girl-e-o

Nov 11

Rickie Lee Jones: Born This Day in 1954

Rickie Lee Jones
November 8, 1954 – Still Rockin’

Rickie Lee Jones (born November 8, 1954) is an American vocalist, musician, songwriter, and producer. Over the course of a three-decade career, Jones has recorded in various musical styles including rock, R&B, blues, pop, soul, and jazz standards.

Rickie grew up in the wide open spaces of Arizona, a powerful imagery that would haunt much of her writing throughout her life. Her early childhood was spent in the company of imaginary friends. Her elder sister was married at the age of 15, while her elder brother was severely hurt in a motorcycle accident at the age of 16. The young Rickie Lee struggled socially, the itinerant outside, the family moving and changing schools every year or two. Luckily she was a gifted student, though teachers reported that she ‘daydreamed’ all day. It was hard enough being new, but having a name like ‘Rickie’ put her on the defensive in each new school. Like a boy named Sue, perhaps, Rickie got tough or died and her sense of self was indisputable. This uniqueness of character would eventually find a home on stage.

In 1977 she was noticed by rock journalist/attorney Stann Findelle who wrote about her in Performance Magazine and also helped her with some of her publishing. It was in 1978 that her faithful jack-of-all-trades on Westminster Avenue in Venice, offered to manage her, and in a few months had Bonnie Shiftman photographing her, Owen Sloan as her attorney, and major labels coming to see her three showcase performances, culminating in her being signed by Warner Bros. Records after a bidding war between three labels. The showcases were 30 minutes long, including “Easy Money”, “The Moon Is Made of Gold”, “Chuck E.’s In Love”, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” as well as a few racy cover tunes. Warner Bros. knew Jones was “the real thing” and obtained a spot for her on Saturday Night Live the week of her release. They had also filmed what came to be an early music video — a twelve-minute, three-song movie, in which Jones was depicted as kind of girl next door street character. With Time magazine dubbing her “the Duchess of Coolsville” in its review of her first show, Jones’ image was solidified. Saturday Night Live portrayed her amidst garbage cans. Five months later she sold out two shows at Carnegie Hall.


Listen to “The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys” sung by Rickie (Song by Traffic):
05_The Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys

Rickie Lee Jones: Chuck E.’s In Love

Nov 11

Al Hirt: Born This Day in 1922

Al Hirt
November 7, 1922 – April 27, 1999

Al Hirt was an American trumpeter and bandleader. He is best remembered for his million selling recordings of “Java”, and the accompanying album, Honey in the Horn (1963). His nicknames included ‘Jumbo’ and ‘The Round Mound of Sound’. Al was a member of The Louisiana Music Hall of Fame.

Alois Maxwell Hirt was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, the son of a police officer. At the age of six, he was given his first trumpet, which had been purchased at a local pawnshop. He would play in the Junior Police Band with the children of Alcide Nunez, and by the age of 16, Hirt was playing professionally, often with his friend Pete Fountain. During this time, he was hired to play at the local horse racing track, beginning a six-decade connection to the sport.

Hirt’s virtuoso dexterity and fine tone on his instrument soon attracted the attention of national labels and signed with RCA Victor Records. Hirt posted twenty two albums on the Billboard charts in the 1950s and 1960s. The albums Honey In The Horn and Cotton Candy were both in the Top 10 best sellers for 1964, the same year Hirt scored a hit single with his cover of Allen Toussaint’s tune “Java” (Billboard #4), and later won a Grammy Award for the same recording. Both Honey in the Horn and “Java” sold over one million copies, and were awarded gold discs.

His 1964 hit “Java” was used as the soundtrack to a recurring Muppet sketch that was performed on several variety shows as well as episode 122 of The Muppet Show.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Al_Hirt

Nov 11

Glenn Frey: Born On This Day

The Eagles - Original members: (L-R) Bernie Leadon, Don Henley, Randy Meisner, Glenn Frey

Glenn Frey
November 6, 1948 – Still Rockin’

Glenn Lewis Frey (pronounced Fry; born November 6, 1948) is an American musician, singer, songwriter, and actor, best known as a founding member of the Eagles. Frey formed the Eagles after he met drummer Don Henley in 1970 and the two eventually joined Linda Ronstadt’s backup band for her summer tour.

The Eagles formed in 1971 and released their debut album in 1972. Glenn Frey would play guitar with the Eagles as well as piano and keyboards, and shared lead vocals with Don Henley. The Eagles broke up in 1980 after becoming one of the most successful bands of all time. Frey sang lead vocals on many Eagles hits such as “Take It Easy”, “Peaceful Easy Feeling”, “Tequila Sunrise”, “Already Gone”, “Lyin’ Eyes”, “New Kid in Town”, and “Heartache Tonight”.

Glenn Frey today

After the breakup of the Eagles in 1980, Frey embarked on a successful solo career. He released his debut album in 1982 and would go on to record such Top 40 hits like “The One You Love”, “Smuggler’s Blues”, “Sexy Girl”, “The Heat Is On”, and “You Belong to the City”.

As a member of the Eagles, Frey has won six Grammys, and five American Music Awards. The Eagles have sold over 120 million albums worldwide and were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1998. As a solo artist and with the Eagles combined, Frey has released 24 Top 40 singles on the Billboard Hot 100.

Source:  Wikipedia

Nov 11

SRV: Born On This Day

Stevie Ray Vaughn
October 3, 1954 – August 27, 1990

Stevie Ray Vaughan would have been 57 years old today, October 3rd. His music, his amazing guitar playing, his style, are a milestone in music history. Not many people can listen to his music and not tap a foot or become lost in his Texas-fusion of blues and rock.

Truly one of the greats, he is ranked right up there with the best of the contemporary rock and blues musicians… Hendrix, Clapton, Richards, Page, Cooder, King, Allman, Santana, Beck, and a few others. I’d easily rank him in the top five rock and blues guitarists.

Although he died a tragic death in a helicopter crash, he lives on through his amazing music.

Listen to “Pride and Joy”
Stevie Ray Vaughn – Pride And Joy
Listen to “Little Wing”
Stevie Ray Vaughn – Little Wing

Nov 11

Lyle Lovett: Born On This Day

Lyle Lovett – b. Nov. 1, 1957
is an American singer, songwriter and farmer. He also acts a bit – and used to be married to Julia Roberts.

Lyle Lovett’s career bloomed late but by the time he signed a major recording contract he was nearly 30 years old and had years of experience playing cover songs and folk festivals.

Lovett’s quirky tunes, each of them a beguiling story in miniature, have helped define a new breed of singer-songwriter who exists outside traditional boundaries like folk and country.

Listen to “All My Love Is Gone”
Lyle Lovett_06_All My Love Is Gone

Nov 11

I’m Still Hot (featuring Betty White)