Oct 11

Abandoned and Forgotten

Abandoned: Sitting Room WindowAbandoned: WindowAbandoned: DownstairsAbandoned: Sitting RoomAbandoned: DoorwayAbandoned - Project Flickr: Eerie
Stairs - Project Flickr: Eerie

Abandoned and Forgotten, a set on Flickr.

Several photos of the abandoned house I visited a couple days ago. What an eerie place; very foreboding. I need to go back with my tripod!

Oct 11

Drive Thru

Drive Thru - Project Flickr: Strangers Up Close

As I was waiting to get out of the parking lot, I spotted these two ladies sharing lunch at a local Wendi’s.

Oct 11

Publicly Drunk

Publicly Drunk - Project Flickr: Strangers Up Close
This group had just been escorted from the public library in Kent, WA and decided to loudly voice their complaints in the adjacent park. I was the only one there, but they didn’t seem to notice. This was as “up close” as I dared get!

Yes, that is a beer can in the seated man’s hand. They were pretty snockered… some of Kent, WA’s finest!

BTW, that’s the King County Courthouse behind them, teeming with police.