Oct 11

Seattle: Home of the 78-minute summer

Two women seek shelter under an umbrella from the steady drizzle at the Bite of Seattle on July 17, 2011.

Scott Systek, KOMO News:   While Sea-Tac Airport only reports temperatures on the hour, the University of Washington Atmospheric Sciences Department keeps a minute-by-minute log of the weather station atop their roof on the Seattle campus. And since the UW is in the heart of Seattle, while the airport is more like the lower-left shin, I figure this could be an accurate representation of what a true Seattle person would have felt this summer.

The mission: Find out how many minutes it’s been at 80 degrees or warmer this year– what I would call a true warm summer day in Seattle.

The answer: 78 minutes.

Or, breaking it down: 12 minutes on July 2, and 66 minutes on July 6.

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Oct 11

We just get rusty in Seattle…