Feb 14

Vintage Cameras

I won a couple eBay auctions for old Kodak Folding Pocket cameras.  They’re in the mail and I’m anxious to get them.

First one is a Kodak No. 1 Autographic camera.  It came with the stylus, which is pretty unusual… they get lost easily.  The Autographic cameras have a small door on the back where one can use the stylus to make notes directly on the film.

No1 01 No1 02 No1 03

No1 04 No1 05


The second one is a Kodak 2C Junior Autographic.  It’s pretty clean except for a small piece of the fabric missing on the front.  I love the brass and metal on both the cameras.

No2C 01 No2C 02 No2C 03 No2C 04 No2C 05 No2C 06 No2C 07 No2C 08 No2C 09

Feb 14


Rain, originally uploaded by James Milstid.

Raining in Seattle