Mar 11

Road Trip: Day One

Day One of Bill and James’ road trip to Peoria, AZ and back. We left the Seattle area at about 9:30am and arrived in Canyonville, OR at around 4:00pm. The weather was a mixed bag, from torrential rain to bright sunshine.

Had a little trouble with the webcam setup… the power inverter didn’t quite have enough oompf to keep the netbook going, and we lost the video from home to the first part of Oregon. A quick trip to Radio Shack solved the problem.

Mar 11

Dry Run… Time Lapse

Bill and I will be leaving tomorrow for a three week road trip to Peoria, AZ and back. We’ll be visiting several National Parks and plan on documenting the trip. This is a practice run of the webcam I set up to do time lapse movies of the entire trip. I’ll post them as I can, most of the hotels along the way have WiFi. Should be a lot of fun!