Jan 12

Avgolemono Soup – Egg and Lemon Soup

Avgolemono Soup - Egg and Lemon Soup
This wonderful egg-lemon Greek soup is easy to make and delicious.

Chicken stock and breast, along with a small amount of rice provide the heartiness. But the whipped eggs and lemon add the sumptuous dimension that make this dish so unique.

I’m so happy that my dear friend Nan suggested it. It’s on my absolute favorites list now!

Please excuse the Southwestern USA dishes… they are what I have! Southwest Greece?

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Jan 12

Books that will induce a mindf**k

Books that will induce a mindf**k@Everything2.com.

Jan 12

Just feeling nostalgic…

From Woodstock 1969… one of my favorite live performances

Jan 12


About PIPA and SOPA

Jan 12

Great song, Amazing performance

This group is so innovative… check out their other YouTube videos.

Jan 12


Hummer, originally uploaded by James Milstid, aka PapaJames.

This little critter has pretty much decided that the feeder belongs to him. He’ll perch a few feet away on a trellis and chase any other hummers away… very territorial!

I’m going to hang another one and see what he’ll do about that!

Jan 12

Of course I’m a hummingbird… duh!

This guy was trying his best to get to the sugar water… he sat and watched the hummingbirds, then came over to try it himself.