In a Gadda da Vida

5:00 Cocktail Hour Sounds: Iron Butterfly – In a Gadda Da Vida
Long story behind this one… it was late 1968 in Braunschwieg Germany. I was with GI friends at a gasthaus called the Pferdeställ (Horse Stables) . The DJ put this song on and I HAD to know what it was. He spoke no English, but said ganz neu (brand new) and showed me the album cover. I bought the album the next day!

As an aside, the Pferdeställ shared backrooms with the Wall Straße prostitutes. I learned that during an after hours party when I went looking for the toilette and instead ended up in one of their rooms! All the rooms sported big picture Windows so customer hopefuls could view the various ladies of the night. There I was, a young wet behind the ears GI… in the spotlight with a half naked hooker! She and several others had a good chuckle helping me find the toilette!!!

Memories are pretty foggy, but I probably had fun!

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